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Website for Cybersecurity services company

About project

About project

The main thing was to create the website for the cybersecurity company. This website should consist of a lot of learning information and, of course, information about the company. The website is created using dark colors with neon accents. At the first step of the work, we’ve created a website sitemap for a better understanding of the structure and website UX. We've processed all the images to match the style of the site. We also made a handy drop-down menu to make it easy for users to use the site. We’ve created 3 versions of website resolutions: desktop, tablet, and mobile. It allows users to be free on our website with any device. The website owner is very satisfying the result.


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+380 99 018 12 47

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+380 66 607 78 73


+380 99 018 12 47

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