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Does website design affect sales?

Design is a very subjective thing. What is beautiful for one person does not…

Design is a very subjective thing. What is beautiful for one person does not at all like the other. And the third does not care at all.

But can design sell a bad product? Conversely, can sales fall due to designer flaws?

Let’s start by refuting a common stereotype:

The quality of a design is not measured by its beauty.

Let’s take an example from interior design. Yes, top designers make the space flawlessly beautiful and stylish. But behind this beauty lies the main role of design – convenience. First of all, the interior designer will think about how to profitably use the space and arrange furniture where it will be convenient for the residents. Conventionally, there should be a bedside table near the bed, and the light will be directed to the left corner, since they read there every evening.

Let’s go back to website design. Everything works the same way. Web design is primarily about convenience. And already in the second, about beauty. Although one without the other will work badly.

Okay, if convenience comes first, why beauty?

Exactly half of the world’s population is creative and creative people. They are visuals. A beautiful picture is more important to them than facts. It is highly likely that they are among your target audience. I’m talking about artists, bloggers, photographers, stylists, manicurists, etc. These people will never buy from you if they don’t like the picture. A bad picture repels them and causes distrust. They themselves cannot explain why they do not like the site. But this is a fact. Such people can only be positioned visually.

How to manage user attention?

Besides convenience and beauty, design has another great feature. This is an opportunity to highlight accents. In the hands of a skilled designer, this is a very powerful tool.

Using accents, you can draw attention to the advantages and close the disadvantages. And bright, expressive buttons make it clear where to press, while no one will pay attention to small and inconspicuous ones.

And this is not deceiving the user, but managing attention on our resource. If we control attention, we control the situation. We can foresee the user’s behavior and do everything so that he buys from us.

So website design is far from something worth saving on. Having saved several thousand on a web designer, you will constantly spend tens, or even hundreds of thousands on fruitless advertising and promotion.

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