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Signs of good web design

When we evaluate a website, we first look at its design. A competent design…

When we evaluate a website, we first look at its design. A competent design increases the conversion of the site, even if there are no well-thought-out texts. But with poor design, even the coolest text won’t work. In this article, we have prepared the signs of good web design. Using them, you can check your site or the site of competitors and draw conclusions about its quality.

The convenience of use

As a rule, we evaluate the design from our subjective point of view. Do we like the colors, fonts and overall page design? But it happens that we instinctively don’t like the site and we close it, regardless of the design. Convenience plays a role here. Can we quickly find information about services and prices, or only hear them during a call? Is there any feedback to get an answer to your question? How easy is it to make a purchase in an online store? All of these factors play a more important role than the visual component of the design. Therefore, if the site is inconvenient to use, the person will leave it, no matter how beautiful he would be.

Site appearance

This is not to say that visuals do not play a role in website design. The user may not see a well thought out structure if the site has a torn-eyed design in the style of “hello 2007”. But there is one important nuance here. You need to consider the goals of the site. If the site is in a minimalistic, expensive style, like in “Apple”, and you sell goods or services for the middle class, most likely the user will think that this site is expensive and will not buy from you. It also works the other way around. If you sell expensive equipment on a site with a bunch of pictures and flying saucers, the user will never trust and order from you. Therefore, the design should clearly correspond to the goals of the site.

Matching design to theme

It is important not only to choose the purpose of the site. Also, the mood of the site should correspond to the niche and topic. For example, we associate colorful design with children’s or entertainment themes, green and restrained with eco-friendly products and brands. But not the other way around.

Site structure and content

This point applies to multi-page sites. Working out the structure is extremely important here. By navigation, we must understand where to find the information we are interested in and where to go. The most important points and questions should be placed on the main page. All contact information, opening hours and the city are placed in sight.

If this is not the case, then the design does not take into account the needs of the audience, and, accordingly, does not fulfill its main functions.

Information submission form

It is considered good design practice to take care of the users who will visit this site. For convenience, information is presented in the format of small abstracts and infographics. If you want to know the prices, and you have 5 paragraphs of text in front of you, the designer obviously did not take care of you. In general, the more “canvases” of text on the site, the worse the information is perceived.

These are the criteria for a competent and thoughtful web design. If your site did not pass this check and you only matched 0-2 criteria from this list, the design of such a site urgently needs to be finalized. Otherwise, every day you lose hundreds and thousands of profits on visitors who go to your site, but close it.

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Signs of good web design

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