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About us

About us

We are a team of specialists that provides a full website creating service. Our experience in website design and development is more than 4 years.

DesignRush, known for its best website design has chosen our design to be featured among The Best IT Web Designs

We are located in Ukraine, but provide our services all around the world. We have worked with such countries as Canada, USA, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Germany, UAE, and many others. On the map, we've highlighted in light the entire list of countries we have worked with.

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Years of experience in website design and development


Successfully finished projects




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Web-designer, UI/UX designer, project manager, customer service manager

Anna works with the appearance of the sites. She thinks over the structure of web pages, user interaction with the website, makes a prototype, the general style and appearance of each element, works with colors, fonts, images, composition, and accents. Anna also communicates with clients, answering questions and advising on the work of the site.



5 years


UI/UX design

4.5 years


Project management

4 years


Customer service

5 years

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator



HTML/CSS/ developer, web-developer, CMS WordPress specialist

Yurii is a technical specialist who is responsible for the performance of the site, compliance with the design, animation development, responsiveness of the site to different devices, high loading speed, integration with additional services, setting up multi-language websites, and setting up content management system (CMS). His main specialization is CMS WordPress.


HTML/CSS development

5 years



5 years


CMS WordPress

4.5 years


CMS Shopify

4 years







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Our prices


We've developed a price calculator for you to calculate an approximate cost of your project.

Calculate an approximate cost of your website

Number of pages (without homepage)

Number of blocks (without homepage)



5-7 дней


This price and terms include responsive mobile and tablet design and a 1-month service warranty. It's specified approximate calculation of similar work. We can provide a more precise estimation after discussing project details.

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Doublekit Reviews Background

Customer reviews



Full-service website for the energy efficiency control company «Grundir»

A pleasant and professional cooperation where all technical problems and design questions were solved to our full satisfaction – and, on time!!


Website for a Poland restaurant «Zdrowa Krowa»

Excellent cooperation. All wishes and corrections were taken into account, always in touch, the work was done within the stipulated time. Thank you for your cooperation. I will be happy to come back with new projects. (Translated from Russian)

Everything is done at the highest level. Sociability, edits, deadlines and quality of work - I am very pleased with everyone. (Translated from Russian)


E-commerce website «Bimbabo»

Anna, good morning! I look through the links, it turned out very cool. I like it very much. Thanks a lot. (Translated from Russian)

Beautiful modern design and high-quality layout. Good specialist. (Translated from Russian)


E-commerce website «F1Seeds»

Thanks to. It was nice to work with. Everything is high quality and fast! (Translated from Russian)

Great job done on time, all edits were quick! Responsive designer (helped to draw up a technical specification for a layout designer). The work was a pleasure. (Translated from Russian)


Multi-page website «Kitschy»

I love your work. It's really simple and nice.

Anna is a great specialist! Did everything on time, efficiently and beautifully. Be sure to contact Anna and you will be sure that your project will be done at the highest level. Thanks! (Translated from Russian)


Business website «UNMINU»

Anna started working on our project a couple of weeks ago and ended up on this one. I just have to say that we really enjoyed the collaboration. We had a prototype, but in the process, we updated it a bit. Anna was always very enthusiastic. Made a quick, cool design, and positively. I just have to recommend her. Thank you Anya and see you soon joint projects. (Translated from Russian)

Thanks to Anna for her patience and work. I meticulously fulfilled all the Wishlist and brought the design back to normal. (Translated from Russian)

The choice of the performer was influenced by a very detailed and interesting offer in the rate. Then, after personal communication with Anya and viewing her page, it turned out that she had such an approach to all clients. Everything that is written on Ani's page is all true. Starting with the preparation of the technical specification and ending with the installation on the hosting... (Translated from Russian)


Full-service website for a musical group «Troublemakers»

Also, Tracy LOVES the NC LP! It looks beautiful. Very good job. Thank u. We're going to launch this today. And that's it! very good job, Anna - we did it!

The project has been completed. I liked the contractor, we will cooperate again. (Translated from Russian)

Anna, excellent Project Manager. She is very responsible, punctual and attentive to every detail in her work. It only took her a few weeks to get into the position and set up a remote team workflow virtually from scratch. Highly recommended. (Translated from Russian)

Everything is of high quality and on time (Translated from Russian)


Full-service website «English Tree»

Thank you for your work, the site was laid out as soon as possible, everything is very fast and high-quality, also a special thank you for the layout of letters and help in filling the site, without you I definitely would not have figured it out) (Translated from Russian)

Anna did everything very well. Nice design, in style as I asked. WELL DONE!!! Everything's OK! I am very happy! (Translated from Russian)

All perfectly! The quality of the layout is satisfactory. Always in touch. Edits were made promptly. (Translated from Russian)


Frequently asked questions


Do you consider paying for leads or a percentage of profit? Doublekit Question Arrow

No, unfortunately, we don’t work in that format.

The fact is that the continued success of the site depends not only on our efforts. In addition to a well-designed site, you need the right advertising setup, a quality product, competent work with clients, and properly selected content: texts, videos, photos, reviews, etc. If any of this works poorly, the site may not bring the expected results.

We are confident in the quality of our product. But it is for the above reasons, we can not give a full guarantee of results and do not work on the above schemes.

How are the services paid for? Doublekit Question Arrow

Payment is made in two stages. After discussing the details and approving the budget, you send an advance payment of 50% of the project cost.

Then we get down to work.

The remaining 50% of the amount, you pay after the final approval of the work, before we issue access to the site.

If you want to protect yourself and your funds, we also offer an alternative option of working through Freelancehunt guaranty service. It allows you to reserve funds on the site, and returns them to you, in the case of an unsuccessful transaction. Commission for the service is paid by you.

We recommend that you read more information about such deals for individuals and legal entities.

What payment methods do you accept? Doublekit Question Arrow

We accept payment in the most popular ways, both for the CIS and for the foreign market:

  • Ukrainian bank card Visa / MasterCard.
  • Privat24, monobank.
  • PayPal.
  • SWIFT payment.
  • Wise (TransferWise).
  • Payoneer.
  • USDT (Binance).
  • Payeer.
  • Safe on the site Freelancehunt (see the answer to the previous question “How are the services paid for?”).
What is the cost of website development? Doublekit Question Arrow

The cost depends on the size of the site, the number of services, the complexity of the project, and the initial data: whether there is content for the site, prepared terms of reference, a prototype, etc.

You can know the prices using our calculator. Using this information, you can calculate the approximate cost of the project yourself.

If you have difficulty with the calculation, the right solution would be to write to us and send us all the information about the project. We will then send you a free estimate of the cost of the work. For some projects, we provide several rates with a different set of services for different budgets.

How is the price formed on the development of the site? (why so cheap / so expensive?) Doublekit Question Arrow

The price is formed on the basis of the cost of each specialist’s work hour price and the general quantity of working hours. Creating a quality site from scratch involves a team of two people. Each of them makes an effort to ensure that the site meets the requirements of the market and modern standards of quality, as well as attracting potential customers. As a result, the complex, professional work of several specialists, implies a corresponding remuneration.

Also take into account the costs, which we call the cost of production. These are paid for equipment and technique, regular advanced training of specialists, software, subscription to resources for teamwork, purchase of images at photo stocks, payment for advertising, promotion, etc.

It will be right to consider the cost of developing the site as a good investment. The thoroughly developed site, as a rule, pays for itself in 3-6 months, with the right approach.

How long is the warranty for? Doublekit Question Arrow

After developing the site, we give a standard warranty on services for 1 month which is included in the starting project price. As a rule, this period is enough for you to “get used to” the site and detect flaws if any.

If during this period you notice errors in the performance of the site or its individual elements, we undertake to fix them without additional charges.

Also during this period, we consult you on all questions about using the site: filling with content, adding or deleting pages, tracking visitors to the site, etc.

If you want to get a guarantee of more than 1 month, its conditions are discussed separately.

What should you do if after the launch of the site, you will see some defects? Doublekit Question Arrow

Before handing over the site, we thoroughly test it and check for errors. That is why we try to avoid such situations. But there are nuances that can be noticed only after the launch of the site.

Therefore, if during the warranty period (from 1 month after the transfer of the site), you notice any error on the site or inoperability of some parts, feel free to write to us.

All bugs and errors that occurred through our fault, we undertake to fix without additional fees.

Errors that were not our fault (changing the structure of the code, incorrect removal or addition of content, etc.), we fix for an additional fee.

Do you provide website support services on a regular basis? Doublekit Question Arrow

Yes, we provide this service. You can request our support prices by writing us on one of our contacts. We support both sites made by us and sites made by other developers.

We have the option of both hourly and monthly support payments. It depends on the volume and frequency of work.

Do you provide several design options to choose from? Doublekit Question Arrow

No. The cost of our work includes only one design option. We are not in favor of making “a choice” of several design options or the site as a whole.

If the site is designed with market research in mind, it will meet all requirements. Each element will stand in its place, complement each other, and lead the user to purchase. Even the colors on the site, as a rule, are chosen with the specific niche (green – eco-themes, blue – medicine, etc.).

If you need to make several versions of the design, it is almost always a banal drag and drop elements on the layout and change the color scheme. With this approach, part of the original structure collapses, and the site is already perceived differently. In the end, it can give a result completely opposite of the initial goals.

Therefore, our position in this matter is exactly that. Of course, we take into account your wishes and try to bring the project to the desired result. But it’s better to do it on the original version, which are incorporated certain meanings.

But still, if you are sure you want to get several versions of the design, we are ready to provide them for you, but for extra cost, and by prior arrangement.

I have the website but it doesn’t bring profit to me. Can you fix this? Doublekit Question Arrow

If you already have a website, but it isn’t working well, you can write to us and order a detailed website audit. We will point out all the structural, technical, and semantic errors that affect sales.

Then we can build a further action plan to improve it.

It is also worth bearing in mind that sometimes the best solution is to completely redo the site and its structure. This is especially true if the site was made a long time ago, it isn’t responsible for mobile devices or doesn’t attract visitors at all.

All these things are individual for each case.

Will the site work on mobile and tablet devices? Doublekit Question Arrow

Yes. Our project cost includes responsiveness of the site for different browsers and devices.

This means that it will be equally convenient to use your site in any place and on any device.

Statistics say that today more than 70% of users visit websites and buy from their phones. This means that the importance of a responsive site for different devices can’t be underestimated.

If your site is responsive for mobiles and tablets, you can get more visitors who leave your competitors because of an uncomfortable mobile version or its lack.

What if I don’t like the design/site? Doublekit Question Arrow

We try to show each stage and sub-stage of the work so that you can watch and, if necessary, comment and add something. If at any stage you do not like the result / part of the result, we always listen to your opinion, try to find the best solution.

If after a few attempts we have not managed to find common ground (did not like our vision, approach), we return part or all of the prepayment. We allow for the possibility that people just do not work together, or do not understand each other, and this is normal.

Note! after the transition to the next stage, the previous stage is considered approved and closed, so its cost can not be refunded!

Do you work under contract? Doublekit Question Arrow

Yes, it is possible to work under a contract for citizens of Ukraine. If you live in Kyiv, we can meet, discuss all the terms of the contract, and sign it. If you are from another city in Ukraine, the contract and all materials attached to it are sent by mail for signing.

You can request a sample contract from us and look at it.

For citizens of other countries, unfortunately, we can’t conclude the contract directly, because of the differences in the laws of different states.

If you want to protect yourself and your funds, we also offer you the alternative option of working with the Freelancehunt guarantor service. It allows you to reserve funds on the site and returns them to you in the case of unsuccessful cooperation. You just need to pay the commission for the services.

We recommend that you read more information about such deals for individuals and legal entities.

Is promotion included in the cost of work? Doublekit Question Arrow

No. Promotion of the site through search engines or advertising channels is a separate kind of service. It is not related to the creation of the technical and visual components of the site.

To make it easier for you to promote your site in the future, we develop a sales structure of pages, taking into account market requirements and the needs of the target audience; we optimize the code for indexing by search engines, as well as install analytics services to track visitors.

So you don’t waste your time looking for specialists to set up advertising or promotion, we are ready to help you. We cooperate with professionals in different fields, who will render the necessary services for a comfortable budget for you. To do this you need to contact us, we will provide several contacts of proven professionals.

How many edits are included in the cost of the project? Doublekit Question Arrow

We do not limit our clients in the number of edits. At each stage of the work, you can express your wishes and comments. We are happy to listen to them and discuss everything.

Revisions become payable if they relate to the stage you’ve already reviewed and approved.

For example. You can’t change the style of the site if half of the pages with the old style are already approved. Or rather you can, but in fact, it will be regarded as the development of a new version of the design. Accordingly, changes of this kind – paid.

What is the ToR and how to make it? Doublekit Question Arrow

Terms of Reference – a list of all the requirements, materials, and required services for the development of the site.

As a rule, the TK should be the following items:

  • The structure of the site, the logic of the pages (if any).
  • Attached important materials (logo, branded images, texts, table of goods, etc.).
  • Examples of sites worth referring to (in terms of style, structure, etc.).
  • Attach a prototype (if any).
  • Your requirements, which should be taken into account: what management system to use, color preferences, whether multi-language is required, integration with any services, etc.

You can draw up TOR yourself or with our help. As a rule, we draw up the TOR on the basis of the filled out brief and then approve it with you.

Why do I need to fill out the brief? Doublekit Question Arrow

Brief means the document that contains the actual project questions which need require answers from the customer, and which the webmaster relies on upon in further work.

It is necessary to fill out the brief in order to have a common understanding of the project and all its details.

If we start working without a brief, there is a risk of misunderstanding the project aims, won’t take into account the things that are important specifically in your project. And this is fraught with a lot of rework and a lot of wasted time in the future, both from your side and ours.

As a rule, the brief is filled out in a text document before you start. If it isn’t comfortable for you to fill in the brief in text format, we can arrange a call-in meeting and ask all the necessary questions by voice.

You can request a sample brief for each service from us.

How to order the website? Doublekit Question Arrow

If you want to order the website creation, you can write us using one of the contacts listed on the website, or fill out the feedback form. We will contact you in the most convenient way, ask all the necessary questions, and send a detailed project cost and terms estimation.

How long does it take to create a website? Doublekit Question Arrow

We should warn you that website creation is time-consuming and not a quick process. So you should arm yourself with patience.

For example, the Landing Page (one-page website) creation consists of at least 5 stages: analysis and research, creating a structure and prototype, design, development, website launch and optimization. The work on each of these stages is to be from 2 to 7 days. To get a quality result, we need to carefully work through all the steps, check every detail.

Therefore, the average development term of a full-service website is about 1 month.

If you need the website to be done in the near future, or “for yesterday”, we will try to meet you halfway and do the work faster than usual. But you should keep in mind that we are also living people who sometimes need a bit of rest:)

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